Cyprus International Trust


After recent changes in legislation Cyprus position as an international financial center and a reputable Trust jurisdiction has improved. Cyprus International Trust is an important tool that can be used for tax planning, assets protection and wealth management considerations.

CIT enjoys important tax advantages, providing significant tax planning possibilities.

  • All income of International trust in not taxable in Cyprus
  • Income receivable by a Trust may benefit from the provisions of a Double Tax Treaty always depending on the specific terms of the specific Treaty.
  • A trust can be used in one country to own an underlying investment holding company in another one. This type of tax planning device has many advantages in providing maximum possible protection for both settlor and beneficiary alike
  • Maximum confidentiality as there is no duty to register and/or prepare and file any financial statements or tax returns according to the Law. Therefore the Settlor and the beneficiaries are not disclosed in any event as the Law prohibits any Trustee or any other third party from disclosing such information anywhere.
  • The validity of ITC continues to apply in case the Settlor goes bankrupt.
  • The CIT can transfer to a Trust or another destination at any time.

Taking into consideration above mentioned advantages of Cyprus International trust our professional team can assist you in the following matters:

  • We can advise our client on creation of CIT and prepare a draft of CIT
  • We provide Trustee administration and other related services
  • We advise clients and Trustees about issues arising in relation to CIT, beneficiary rights and the Trustees powers