Cyprus International Trusts

Cyprus Trusts After the recent changes in the Law, the Cyprus position as an international financial center and a reputable Trust jurisdiction is improved. The Cyprus International Trust is an important tool that can be used for tax planning, assets protection and wealth management considerations. Cyprus trust law is essentially based on the English system. […]

New Double Tax Agreement between Cyprus and Iran was signed

Cyprus and Iran signed am avoidance of double taxation treaty on 4/08/2015, opening the way for new investment opportunities and trade relations between the two countries. Expansion and upgrading the network of double taxation agreements, is of high economic and political importance to Cyprus, aiming to further strengthen and attract foreign investment. The Treaty is […]

Changes to Tax Legislation in Cyprus

This year significant changes in the Cyprus tax system have been implemented. The government is trying to improve the state of economy in the country by all means, offer the best conditions for natural and legal persons, and make the registration of companies easier. Let`s have a look at main amendments in Cyprus tax system. […]