Citizenship in Cyprus


Recent amendments to Cyprus Immigration policy give the opportunity to non –EU citizens to obtain Cyprus Permanent Residency Permission (PP) and Cyprus Citizenship.

Cyprus Permanent Residency Permission –According to Cyprus Legislation, a Non-European citizen who buys one or two properties (Residence) in Cyprus for themselves and their family of a total value of €300.000  (excl. VAT)  can apply for PRP. The permission doesn’t give the right of employment in Cyprus. Moreover, the applicant has to demonstrate that they can support themselves and their family through own funds. The applicant must prove that they have a minimum annual income of the amount of EUR30 000 form sources originating outside Cyprus. In addition, the applicant must have a three-year deposit of 30,000 EUR with a Cypriot bank.

Cyprus (EU) citizenship by investment – Grant of the Cypriot citizenship to non–Cypriot entrepreneurs/ investors through the “Scheme for Naturalization of Investors in Cyprus by exception”

Immigration laws of the Republic of Cyprus provide investors an excellent opportunity to acquire Cyprus Citizenship by investing in the Cyprus economy. There are many third country national investors who would like to obtain Cyprus Citizenship in order to enjoy the advantages of being a Cypriot citizen and passport holder, the advantages being in their Country or regarding their stay in Cyprus or their movement within European Union Countries.

Investments Options:

  • Investments of at least € 2 million in residential or commercial developments or other infrastructure projects.
  • Investment of at least € 2 million in the purchase, incorporation or participation in Cyprus business and companies that are based and operate in the Republic of Cyprus;
  • Investment of at least € 2 million in alternative investments funds or financial assets of companies or organizations licensed and supervised by the Sycec.
  • Combination of the aforecited investments of at least € 2 million

The most important things to consider for an applicant when selecting an immigration solution is, first of all, security of funds, secondly, return of investment and, thirdly, the speed and process of application.